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Left: Sandrine Correa and Right: Steve Smith

What would it be like, to enter into the life of a complete stranger?

This unique film evolved from two chance encounters in the streets of London. Its protagonists are Sandrine, an attractive young woman from Brazil on a mission to find a husband, and offer a better life for her child, Steve, a seasoned beggar,whose life is a continuous struggle with drug addiction and Precious, a poet who became Steve's girlfriend. The stories of these three characters emerge from the coarse anonymity of the city, and were shot entirely on a mobile phone camera.The filmmaker mostly remains off-screen while he strives to determine his role between observer and participant. Originally begun as a documentary project, the film soon developed its own distinct dynamic where the confines between fact and fiction became blurred. Questions arise. Questions about the relationship between filmed and filmmaker and about real and imagined realities. The closer he gets to his subjects, the more the obstruction of his camera seemed to distance him from them. Yet ultimately, People... reveals a personal, humane and fragile space that only came into existence precisely because it had been filmed.